…our only Business

We-3 Sells Customized and Branded Shuttles for All Your Hotel Transportation Needs.



We-3 can find the right vechicles to fit your hotels transportation needs. We can customize each vechicle to serve your customers.

Brand Graphics

 From the “Full” wraps to “Partial” designs, We-3 can make sure your customers know whose coming to pick them up.


We-3 offers lease financing packages that will meet your needs.


Our Commitment

We-3 Transportation’s commitment is to provide hotel properties and their guests the very best in shuttle vans and buses… safe, reliable vehicles. To be involved with our customers to determine the type of vehicle will best serve their needs for airport, suburban or local courtesy transportation. Once delivered, to provide superior service and assistance with operational and maintenance issues.


The Complete Package

Regardless of the type of shuttle you select, We-3 offers “One Stop Shopping” from working with you to select the vehicle that’s right for your property, the floor plan, brand graphics, financing references, extended warranties, front door deliver and what’s need to register you vehicle locally.  We-3 is here to serve.


Guest Satisfaction

The hospitality industry is dedicated to providing the best service possible to its guests and We-3 with its shuttle products is dedicated to making sure that your guest is getting the best ride available. With comfort and quality in mind, all of our products offer safety and convenience features specifically added to the factory model to make sure your guest recognizes your commitment to service.


Economic Awareness

We-3 offers a number of products at various price points to meet your various transportation needs. We are also aware that the cost of the value added to our products needs to stay within budget parameters for our custom products. That’s why we review maintenance cost, fuel costs, mileage expectations, extended service contracts and warranties to identify where operating costs can be minimized.