Our Shuttles

We-3 is unique in our market, we offer more… more types of vehicles to meet your transportation needs, more personal involvement and more in our “Service” approach. Hotels are our only business, we know the value of the relationships we have developed over the last twenty years with our customers… it’s priceless! We offer more because we care. We are committed to making every effort to provide the very best in service to those who drive our vehicles, that’s our Commitment.

Shuttle Vans

Vans have been the mainstay in hotel transportation for over twenty-five years. With the recent introduction of the Ford Transit and the Ram Pro Master, We-3 with its “Hotel Conversion Package” is able to offer a totally new look in shuttles and provide for  improved operating cost, design and guest comfort.

Shuttle Buses

For properties that need to provide transportation to more than fifteen passengers at a time, We-3 offers a number of solutions to meet those needs… products that offer more in quality, durability, special features and guest comfort.

Mini Vans

If you’re a suburban property and you want to take a couple of guests to a local restaurant, the near-by shopping mall or maybe the theater, the mini-van offers the perfect choice… seating five to seven guests comfortably it’s ideal for transportation in a 3-5 mile radius of your hotel.